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Shirt Care

Washing Tips

If possible, hand wash your shirts. Shirts sold range can be upto 40 years old and we recommend hand washing your shirts as this will ensure the longevity of the shirt.
When handwashing your shirt please ensure this is not with boiling water as this will risk the shirt print peeling and damaging and sponsor and shirt patches. Make sure the water is cold or medium temperature. 
Machine washing
If possible please avoid this. However, if you want to machine wash your shirts the following steps can help mitigate the risk of damaging your shirts. 
- Wash no hotter than 20 degrees.
- Do NOT use any fabric softener whether in the washing pod form or poured in the machine.
- Reduce the spin setting to the lowest option or even turn off if possible. 
These steps are just a general guide for tips on how to wash shirts and are not us taking any responsibility for the washing of your football shirts.